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How To Wear a Saree When You Don't Have a Blouse?

Blouses are probably the most essential part of saree draping which makes sense because, seriously, how to wear a saree without a blouse?
Well, saree draping without a blouse is not just possible but also quite magical in the sense that it opens a whole other world of opportunities! In fact, some sarees intentionally don’t come with matching blouses because they would look ten times better with a contrasting fabric or color. So, if you’re bored of the regular saree draping styles, try saree draping without a blouse and you will never go back!
Hence, don’t be afraid to play around with different saree draping styles because there really is no way you could do it ‘wrong.’ Plus, you can wear the same saree over and over without it looking the same. So, ditch the blouse and try one of these instead:

#1 Off-Shoulder Top

When we talk unconventional saree draping, off-shoulder tops just have to be top of the list! Why? Well, because they look super sexy, that’s why! No matter if it’s a cold shoulder top or a fully off-shoulder blouse, I can guarantee that you’ll look gorgeous! And you have a tremendous variety in color, fabric, and style. So, rock that top girl because blouses are so last week!

#2 Organza Blouse

Organza has such a regal feel to it. Hence, it looks perfect with just about anything. So, pair it up with a graceful dress like a saree and you have a truly divine combination! This is especially great when you’re wearing the saree to a wedding or formal party. And you can find beautiful organza blouses in just about any color, so you have a lot of choices. I mean, it only seems right to combine organza with sarees for that extra bit of gracefulness.

organza blouse top pairing with saree tips- Indian Clothing in Denver, CO - India Fashion Xorganza blouse saree set option for people who dont have saree blouses - India Fashion X

#3 Kurta

A regular kurta would go wonderfully with a saree as well. You see, when people ask me about how to wear a saree, I always tell them that you can never go wrong with a saree. All you need is grace and poise, and you can adorn beautiful sarees in any style you want. And when it comes to saree draping without a blouse, what better option than your favorite kurta? Not to mention, you have endless possibilities in design and variation because kurtas come in all sorts of fabric, colors, designs, patterns, and styles.

#4 Crop Tops

The beauty of saree draping with a crop top is that crop tops usually have the same length as a traditional saree blouse but yet they are so different because their extravagant designs make them really stand out. And that’s a plus too because you can wear a fancy or simple crop top with your sarees- and either way, it would look exceptionally attractive! So, now you can repeat your favorite sarees on functions as many times as you want because every time you wear it with a different top, I swear people won't be able to tell!

a crop top blouse to match with your saree - Indian Clothing in Denver, CO- India Fashion Xuse green crop top option to replace saree blouse - Indian Clothing in Denver, CO - India Fashion Xtube top options and tips for sarees - India Fashion X - Indian Clothing in Denver, CO


#5 Peplum Tops

Peplum tops tend to draw attention to your hips because they kind of gather and cinch at the waist. Thus, it goes really wear with a saree because it has pleats near the bottom that don’t flair too much and even gives a bit of a mermaid tail effect. And obviously who doesn't love mermaids? But then again, make sure the peplum top isn’t too tight or fitting otherwise you won’t be able to walk. And truth be told, it will look a little unflattering because of all the excessive flare.

peplum blouse tops with saree - Indian clothing in Denver, CO - India Fashion Xlong peplum and saree tips - Indian clothing in Denver, CO - India Fashion X

#6 Blazer

When you're wearing a saree in the winter, why not wear it with a blazer or blazer blouse? Even a fancy shrug would look absolutely stunning. Because remember, so long as you have the confidence to pull it off, sarees will look breathtaking on you. So, for when you're feeling a little too cold to wear a saree- nonsense! Just pair it with a shrug or blazer for extra glam and comfort. Plus, it looks super classy and sophisticated. I would suggest you accessorize minimally, though, and let your blazer blouse steal the spotlight.

Blazer trends with sarees - Indian Clothing in Denver, CO - India Fashion XThrow-on Blazer with Saree - Indian Clothing Denver, CO - India Fashion X

#7 Boho Bandeau

If you’re one for Bohemian vibes, I recommend saree draping with a bandeau for a really stunning look. And top it off with a Bohemian bandana and your Boho-chic outfit is complete! You can even accessorize with Bohemian-style jewelry and shoes to take it a notch further. But the point is that it would look absolutely beautiful either way! So, forget about blouses, and let's go for sarees with bandeaus this Shaadi season!

DIY blouse tips for sarees - Indian clothing in Denver, CO - India Fashion Xmore DIY saree blouse styles - Indian clothing in Denver, CO - India Fashion X

#8 Bodysuit

Is there anything comfier than a bodysuit?

Probably not! But really, the best thing about bodysuits is that while they are super comfortable to wear, they are still very sexy. So, you can look sexy with literally zero effort, and that’s why I always recommend that bodysuits go with just about anything- even sarees! Though it might seem like a rather odd combo at first, trust me when I say that this will change the way you look at things- effortless beauty is definitely the best kind of glam. So, get your favorite bodysuit ready because saree draping with bodysuits is officially a thing (or at least it should be)!

blouse top alternatives when ur short on time - Indian Clothing Denver, CO - India Fashion XSaree blouse styling advice - Indian Clothing in Denver, CO- India Fashion X

The Bottomline

Sarees have always stayed in fashion, and they’re not going anywhere just yet. Saree blouses on the other hand, not so much. After all, why limit fashion by sticking to one boring, matching blouse when there are so many wonderful options available! Saree draping without a blouse is officially the in thing now, so don't waste any time jumping on the bandwagon. Because when we talk about how to wear a saree, we find that blouses really aren’t all that necessary at all. There’s so much more to saree draping, and so many different options to wear. And of course, if it means wearing the same saree as many times as you want without it ever looking the same- what more could a girl want?

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