The Saree is definitely one of the most timeless and classic attires in the wedding arsenal but it is also no accident that continues to grow in popularity in modern times. And the greatest reason for this is in its versatility. I guess that is to be expect with 9 yards of fabric at your mercy...

In addition to countless traditional forms of draping based on the various regions in India. In modern days, saree has become the preferred garment to go experimental with. Your options of fabric, style, fit, color, wieght the possibilities are limitless.


With bollywood superstars and other fashionistas constantly giving us inspiration from, the saree is no longer a symbol of monotony but rather a form of expressions

 some universal tips to wear a saree is one that

A saree should ideally highlight the best parts of your figure and conceal the negatives. The determining factors are the following :

The blouse — due to the level of exposure it provides. Heavier figures, conservative office settings might need blouses that cover up, rather than reveal. However, a woman with a perfect figure going to a party/wedding can always choose the revealing blouses.

The fabric — due to the impact it has on the figure. Very thin people need fabrics that fill up like cottons, organdies, chanderis and silks. Heavier figures need to avoid these fabrics.


1. Indo-Western style

Indo western saree

Indo western ready made saree

2. Bengali Style

Bengali style saree

3. Gujarat Style

Gujarat Style saree

4. Saree with Belt

Saree with belt

5. Maharashtra style saree

Maharashtra style saree

6. Open Pallu

Open pallu


7. Pant style saree

Pant style saree

Other common styles:

  1. marati style
  2. tamil iyengar
  3. andhra style
  4. coorg style in tradition styles as per their tradition…Saree draping with some twist
  5. dhoti style
  6. fish curved mermaid style
  7. saree on leggings/pants
  8. maharani style with double pallu
  9. ruffled style
  10. belted saree draping
  11. asymmetric saree draping

Give us a call. We will help you find your style. If you already have a saree and would like draping lesson, were happy to help!