2022 Scrapbook Stories

Kicking off the new year in a spectacular way! We're really excited about the year ahead with more new products, more new design collabs... and more Scrapbook Stories!

2021 Scrapbook

Saleena, Roopa, Maddie, Elaine, from Denver, CO - jan21. 21
Custom Satin Bridesmaids Gowns for 4

Big thanks to these awesome student bridesmades! One piece sets with fasten along the rear.

A group of college students visits India Fashion X, an Indian clothing store in Denver, CO.
Nikki from Aspen, CO - Jan2.22
Zardozi and Sequins Saree & kids' Anarkali and Kurta Sets

Nikki and family rocking out and looking adorable for their Indian cultural event

Nikki visits our Indian clothing store in Denver, CO. Shop for sarees in denver
A customer visits Our Indian clothing store in Denver, CO in January 2022- India Fashion X
 Jeri visits our Indian clothing store in Denver - India Fashion X
Jeri & Faisal, from Denver, CO - jan17.21
Men's Custom Sherwani and Churidar Set

Thanks Faisal for sharing scenes from their October wedding shoots. Congratulations on tying the not!

"We're incredibly appreciative of India Fashion X for putting together a stylish Sherwani for our wedding shots. Exactly the color and scheme I wanted. It all worked out great and wouldn't be possible without them. Expert level service. Thank you IFX!"

Josh, from Denver, CO - Jan11. 22
Mirror Studded Regular Fit Kurta

"Had to pick up some clothing for a friend's wedding, couldn't be happier with the selection we got! Picked up for both men's (myself) and women's (my wife), lots of color choices and fun styles to choose from. Thank you!"

Josh stops by our Indian clothing store in Denver, CO to buy a Kurta - India Fashion X
Hanna visits our Indian clothing store in the Denver Area - India Fashion X
Hannah hanging out at India Fashion X, an Indian clothing store in the Denver Area
Hanna, Denver, CO -MAR 21.22
Sea Green Silk Saree

A big, big thank you to Hanna for allowing us outfit her in this particular color pallette. She wanted to surprise her boyfriend from Bangladesh with her very first saree dress. Beautiful.

Stephanie visited IFX with her husband. She bought a beautiful navy saree and he came away with an embroidered Kurta. India Fashion X home for Indian clothing in the Denver Area.
Stephanie, From Denver, CO-APR17.21
Custom designed Silk Kurta and Navy embroidered georgette Saree

What a pleasure it was serving this lovely couple who were about to attend a special wedding ceremony of a close loved one. The pair are matching in gray motif embroidered set, with Stephanie draped in a contrasting navy saree.

Sea Green Silk Saree

Regular price$265.00


PACKAGE - 1 Saree + 1 Blouse + 1 Underskirt (optional)
DESIGN - Self-Print
OCCASION -  Wedding, Reception, Dinner Party, Luncheon, Festive
WASH - Hand Wash Only


Saree in sea green organza silk with self print in traditional form.