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Fashion Tips for Attending Your First Indian Wedding

If you’ve been invited to an Indian wedding, consider yourself lucky because this is the perfect time for you to rock Indian wedding fashion and shine like a star! You see, cultural appropriation is not a problem when attending Indian weddings. Indian wedding styling is all about looking and feeling your best! So, generally, yes, traditional wear is the way to go, but if you’re not comfortable wearing it, you can always just ditch it.

However, if it’s your first time attending an Indian wedding, don’t you fret because your girl is going to tell you everything- from what you need to wear to what you can expect at a typical Indian wedding!


Think Fancy

Indian weddings are known to be over-the-top, and that’s not really a bad thing because sometimes less is just less, and more is the way to go. So, regardless of the type of dress you choose to wear, Indian wedding fashion is always super loud. The usual wedding attire includes lehengas, sarees, shalwar kameez, ghararas, skirts, gowns, maxis, etc. All these dress options are quite extravagant, and if you were into princesses as a kid, now's your chance to live out your dream and dress up like an actual princess! Hence, the key is to go big or go home. And if you’re still unsure, I would suggest a saree because you can never go wrong with a saree, of course! 


Shine Bright like a Diamond

Besides being big, fat, and fancy-schmancy, Indian weddings also tend to have lots and lots of color. After all, what’s a celebration without vibrant colors! As someone who has attended her fair share of Indian weddings, I can testify that bright and bold colors are never too much when it comes to Indian wedding fashion. And if you’re worried about stealing the bride’s thunder, rest assured because you can never really be overdressed at Indian weddings! Just don’t wear red because red is typically the bride's color, and you’ll probably blend in just fine. Though, of course, that’s not to say you should dress immodestly. The trick is definitely to strike a balance but still look your most elaborate best.


Bedazzle with Accessories

As no outfit is complete without accessories to match, you can’t expect to show up to a wedding in just a dress- let alone an Indian one! Thus, Indian wedding styling must include some form of jewelry, a nice little (or big) clutch, and a pair of heels or khussas- whatever you’re feeling. Jhumkis are always all the rage, and pearly maalas (necklaces) are as good as they come. And truth be told, you can’t really go wrong with accessories!


Let Your Eyes Do the Talking

Makeup is a prerequisite for Indian weddings, so if you’re thinking of showing up bare face, then think again because you’ll be the only one. Indian wedding styling definitely includes lots of mascara, winged liners, and bold lips. So, I would suggest that you keep your eye makeup on point and make sure to accentuate your best features using makeup. Because, of course, while looking good is not everything, it doesn't hurt to go all out every once in a while. Keep your makeup light or dark depending on the time of day the ceremony is scheduled. Oh, and don’t leave out the primer because you’ll definitely need that ever-lasting shine to last the entire day. I mean, you’ve probably seen Nick and Priyanka’s wedding bash, and yes, Indian weddings are always that extravagant- okay, maybe not that much, but you get the gist.


Get an Envelope to Match

It is customary to give envelopes with money as gifts at Indian weddings. And so, you might as well get an envelope that matches your dress because why not? Remember, glitz and glam are all part of the Indian wedding fashion scene.


Wedding Attire for Men

Obviously, men attend Indian weddings too, and dressing nice really isn’t just for the ladies, so it’s only right to give some advice to young men looking to attend their first-ever Indian wedding! So, as a guy, you can almost get away with wearing anything if it’s formal enough. Tuxedos, suits, shalwar kameez, kurtas, sherwanis- literally anything would work so long as you wear them gracefully. And pair this with khussas or dress shoes, and you're good to go.


What to Expect at an Indian Wedding?

The first thing to note is that Indian weddings are usually at least three days, so you should expect a long ceremony which kind of mandates wearing something that is beautiful but still comfortable. Plus, since there are going to be multiple functions, you should know how to dress appropriately at each one. For instance, while a sangeet, sagai, or mehndi function at home might be a little low-key, the reception is the main day- and thus, the time for you to shine your brightest and fullest!
Also, it would help if you knew the kind of wedding ceremony that's going to take place. Because let’s say it’s a Sikh ceremony, then you’ll need to wear a head covering as well since that’s generally the norm. And yes, Indian wedding styling with headcovers is still just as fashionable because there are so many styles you could try! Plus, dancing is a huge part of Indian culture, so you should definitely wear something that allows you to dance your heart out without risking any wardrobe malfunctions. Still, I would suggest expecting the unexpected because Indian weddings can get a little too crazy (but still fun) at times!

The Bottomline

Indian wedding styling is just as fun, if not more, as attending the actual wedding event- or should I say events? They’re practically a wedding festival, and really, why not? After all, what better reason to celebrate than love? So, if it’s your first time attending an Indian wedding, make sure to indulge yourself fully in the Indian wedding fashion culture because the excitement has only just begun!



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