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By Aditi Patel

When it comes to traditional dresses and culture, the saree is widely appreciated as the essential staple for ladies no matter the age or physique. Without question, the saree is a timeless treat but the secret to how it has maintained its popularity through the test of time lies in its offering of versatility down to its every fiber, its every thread. Fashion designers and stylists have uncovered how to adorn this uniquely long piece of garment in astonishing ways that would have been deemed too wild in the past. While fashion keeps ticking on, the saree is singularly positioned to harness the tradition of its roots no matter how brazens the world around it becomes. And with wedding and the festive seasons kicking off around the world, and all women everywhere sharing the struggle to get a perfect and unique look, the saree craze has reached new heights. If you're wondering how, you too can achieve a look that attracts every person's gander at next wedding event, then take a peek at these top 12 trendy ways to drape a saree.


Belted look

Belted Sarees have been raging for a long time, but it's also a great hack to keep saree intact! The saree draping should be normal or traditional; you simply add a stylish belt at your waist. Many celeb divas and fashionistas have iconized it, steadily proving it as one of the most stylish ways of draping sarees.

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The Cape

This modernized way of wearing sarees is one most of the effortless ways to glam up. This styling centers the focus of your dress to your upper torso (it can also hide what you don't want to be seen, a person lifesaver, if I may say so). Pair a saree with a cape and follow the traditional way of draping it. Your style will be embraced by others who have adopted classical Hollywood trends into their Bolly-World.

Cape And Belt

A popular variation is to mix both styles achieving unique look that's being received with adoration. You may have watched several Bollywood divas, including Karishma Kapoor, with this unique fashion style, as she has created an entire line of fashion based on it. It might make an excellent style for the upcoming function you have to attend.

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Intricately Embroidered Cape

Dhoti Bottoms

One of the beloved ways of draping sarees of the fashion icons and celebrities, as the style has maintained the trend for a long time. However, it is a bit tricky, and you have to switch out those petticoats for leggings. The trade-off offers a very distinguished look and more maneuverability for those epic dance battles!

Sharara Sets

If you follow Shilpa Shetty, you must have seen her wearing a saree with Shahara Pants many times over. This Flowy bottom style has caught on for its modern wrinkle and unbelievable comfort. You'll have to match Shahara pants and drape a saree over them. You'll even see them warn with kurti tops.

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Dhoti Pre-Pleated
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Ankle-Cropped Dhoti
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...And the Present

Mermaid Style

The mermaid style is also one of the unique ways of draping a saree, in which one has to spread out the lower part of the pleats to accentuate the hourglass form of the body. However, it consumes a lot of time and requires extra tucks and pleats and often times some help from your big sister. But after a lot of work, you should achieve this masterpiece look.

Mumtaz Style

Adopt some retro vibes with this Mumtaz saree draping style at the upcoming wedding. This Bollywood epic saree draping style has returned to the fashion light and is glowing under the spotlight. Many current celebrities and fashion divas achieved the layering style of the saree as Mumtaz introduced in "Ram or Shyam."

Scarfs? Why not?

Sounds straightforward (...and it is) but with a tiny wrinkle! You do not have to add a scarf to it; your saree pallu is enough to achieve this unique style and its super easy. You will have to keep the pallu length a bit longer and wrap it around your neck like a scarf.

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Mermaid drape
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never left
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The Many Stylish Ways To Drape A Saree In 2023


Add Dupatta

A matching dupatta set as a veil on the head is one of the more dramatic styles of draping a saree. You may have seen Deepika Padukon with a heavy dupatta on her head in "Padmavat." However, you may not be able to carry a dupatta as heavy as she carried (without the help of our stage prop assistants, of course); you can go with a simpler fabric dupatta in a matching tone.

Butterfly Style

For heavier set women, this style is considered the perfect one, as it provides a natural slimming look. You have to create extra thin pleats of the pallu and pin them on your shoulders. Furthermore, wearing a sleeveless blouse with butterfly saree drape style is a also a popular maneuver.

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Front Pallu Style

The easiest and exotic way of saree draping involves two different styles in itself. You have to spread the lower pleats in Gujrati Style and keep the pleats the whole 6-9 yards like Lehenga style. Now carry the pallu on to the right shoulder instead of the left one....and there you have it!

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Modern Saree

Have you watched the video of "Desi Girl" featuring Priyanka Chopra? If you have noticed, she has worn a saree in butterfly style and also experimented with her blouse. The bikini-style blouse looks exotic enough. The style is famous as the modern saree draping style.

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Advice- Looking Glamorous is Your Born Right!

There is no need to be tepid or temper down your adventurous nature, as the same function will never come again! Do whatever you can do with your look to mesmerize the entire crowd. That is the whole purpose of styling for Indian weddings. Pick any of the above-listed ways of draping a saree, and achieve the look you've been admiring from afar.





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