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Author: Ishita Vij Gonzales

Men's Wedding Fashion Guide

When it comes to weddings, men need to dress the part. The simple fact is that those wedding pictures will live and maneuver online forever...your friends and family will make sure of it! This is why it is important that you know what to wear. If it is your first Indian wedding, you need to be extra prepared. Fortunately, our guide takes a close look at men’s Indian attire. Celebrate with family and friends by getting the dress code right. Here are some of the top choices.

1. Kurta

A kurta is a long shirt that reaches below the knees. It is made using simple cotton or silk. A wedding kurta also features embroidery at the sleeves and yoke. Although kurtas do not usually have buttons, the ones worn at weddings have special buttons. The kurta has long sleeves and is paired with it tight-fitting pants or loose-fitting pants. Customarily, your Kurta should be marked with embroidery. For those accompanied by their significant other, you may opt to choose a color, fabric and design that compliments her chosen dress. 

2. Nehru Jacket

A classic men’s Indian staple piece for weddings is a Nehru jacket. It provides a slim look and is worn over a kurta to add a little flair to the attire. This versatile garment can even be worn with a longish shirt and a pair of jeans. However, you will need to stick to formalwear such as a kurta to ensure that the Nehru jacket looks its best.

Nehru vest for weddings | India Fashion X in Denver, CO
3. Sherwani

Sherwani is possibly the most popular wedding option for men. It is a long, full-sleeved coat that is buttoned up to your neck that comes in a wide range of colors, fits, and lengths. Made using rich fabric such as silk, it often features elaborate embroidery. When you put on a sherwani, you will feel like royalty. To complete the look, you may wear slim pajama or churidar pants.

Men's sherwani for weddings available at India Fashion X in Denver, CO
4. Bandghala Suit

Comprising coat and trousers, this men’s Indian attire set features a fully enclosed neck. It was originally worn in Jodhpur but has become incredibly popular throughout the country. A great thing about it is that it mixes both Indian and western styles. Hence, you can wear to your first Indian wedding to blend in with the crowd while ensuring that you look your best.

man wearing bandhgala suit | indian clothing in Denver, CO | India Fashion X

5. Dhoti

A dhoti is an unstitched, cream, or off-white colored garment that covers the lower body. It tucks into the waistband and is paired with a kurta. There are variations of the dhoti in different parts of India. For instance, men in Gujrat wear a dhoti that is much shorter than their Bengal or Maharashtra counterparts.

Add-Ons for Men’s Wedding Attire

To ensure that you look dapper at your first Indian wedding, here are some add-ons that you should consider.

Shawl: A shawl is a piece of fabric that is worn around the shoulders and gives off a masculine feel.
Sunglasses: Throw on some sunglasses during the big day to increase your cool factor.
Cufflinks: For a sleeker look, you can add cufflinks to the kurta or sherwani.
Printed Pocket Square: Add color to your attire with a printed pocket square.


Now that you know what to wear to your first Indian wedding, you can order the right attire just in time. Make sure that you get high-quality clothes. Otherwise, the attire would not be suitable for the wedding.


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