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8 Great Reasons to Shop With IFX

Sometimes it can be quite a headache to find the right outfit for your needs. Perhaps it's all new information, or a last minute time crunch, or just a simple struggle to find what you picture in your head? It all can lead up to being a really big hassle. So, why should you spend some of your valued time with us? Well, here are a few quick reasons. 


#1 A product that delivers on quality as much as it turns heads

Savi and Ishita passionately devote countless hours of their time designing and coordinating the production of all the garments carried at IFX. The same devotion given to our in-house collection is given to our collaborations with the designers we work with so that all of our items passes the quality check. Our wedding sarees and lehengas are gently handcrafted and do not run through the factory assembly line which you'll notice as soon as it's in your hands!

#2 Quick, Detailed Communication

Your life is busy and buying clothes is only part of the preparation for the big day. But it helps when the seller is proactive and always available at the drop of a hat. That's what we strive for. Any questions, pre or post-order, we're at your service 'til the very end.

#3 With our personalized service, we'll take care of everything! 

Whether your shopping online or at our Denver Boutique, your style preferences, tailor fitting needs, and overall expectations matter to us. That's why when you place your order, our flexible processing allows us to coordinate wany personal accommodations for the item to make sure it reaches your door on time! We're also a quick message away for you to express anything you may need help with and we'll give you our personal suggestions and tips. 

#4 No False Advertising 

Our fabrics and products are described with the utmost transparency in mind. You can always feel confident in the authenticity of our clothing. Our hands-on involvement in buying and importing saves you from the disappointing shock of receiving a lesser item than you were hoping for. With us, you'll know exactly what your buying without any false promises. 

#5 Ultra-Fast Shipping & Store Pickup

We ship from our Denver, CO location and often times within 24 hours! Not having to buy from overseas can bring a huge sense of security that your item will arrive safe, sound, and on time. Even overnight, if need be.

#6 Experience Abound 

Benefit from an ocean of experience and know-how that have helped us hone in on our style senses, understanding of fabrics, bridal designing, culture, sights, sounds and more. With over 15 years of retail, wholesale and fashion show experience, there isn't much we haven't tackled. 

#7 Best Prices in Town

With the largest selection of quality Indian Clothing in Denver, our price to quality value is truly one of our greatest strengths. IFX offers a wide-spanning rage of premium fabrics that are priced for all budget types. The products we carry must pass our personal merchandising standards, so matter the budget, there's plenty of selection you will absolutely love! 

#8 A Complete One-Stop Shop

Home to everything you could possibly need and more no matter the occasion. We've got your fancy weddings and your day-to-day completely covered!  From fully embroidered fashion lehengas to traditional salwar kameez, kurtis, designer fashion, jewelry, shoes and more. As well as tons of wonderful options for men and children.  

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